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SPL-LABMAT s.r.o. is a provider of the national proficiency testing schemes No 7006 in an assessment of the quality parameters of metals, alloys and other materials in the metallurgical and industrial analysis in scope specified in the Accreditation Certificate No. 91/2018 by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

Certificate of Acreditation

There is an international participation in the PT programme with a record over 150 individual PT so far, with participants from 17 countries.

Proficiency testing


Non – accredited services and supplies

National CRM (authorized by the Czech Metrological Institute) and RM producer of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials. – Producer of samplers and other laboratory accessories and gadgets.


WE ARE CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY FROM 20th December 2018 to 6th January 2019.

9, 10/2018 – solding out of QCM CM-12A, CRM CZ 2020A, CRM CZ 2021A, CZ 20034-14A, CZ 20034-15A

Update of calalogue (20/7/2018) – solding out of LA-2D, LA-3E, new RMs : LA-2E, LA-3F, SP-1B, CM-20A and 13 RMs of solid cast iron CI-SPL-17

QCM  SP-1A was sold out (24/11/2017)       

CRM CZ 02033 – 6A was sold out (25/10/2017)

CRM CZ 02033 – 1C was sold out (12/10/2017)

RM SL-6A was sold out (20/6/2019)




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