5/27/2024 – CRM CZ 02033 – 4B was sold out (replacement 4C, 4D)

4/22/2024QCM SL-5A was sold out (without replacement)

12/13/2022 – PT 2024 programme published

11/8/2023CRM CZ 02033 – 2F was sold out (replacement RM 46A (2H) or RM 47A (2J))

11/3/2023CRM CZ 02033 – 1F was sold out (replacement RM 44A (1H) or RM 45A (1J))

9/29/2023RM LA-2E was sold out (replacement LA-2F will be available since July 2024)

8/10/2023RM CM-22A was sold out (replacement CM-22B)

6/5/2023 CRM CZ 02033 – 3D was sold out (replacement 3C, RM 49A)

12/12/2022 – PT 2023 programme published

11/4/2022 – RM CM-1C was sold out (replacement CM-1D)

10/26/2022 – CRM CZ 20034 – 15B was sold out (replacement 15C)

10/3/2022 – RM CM-14A was sold out (replacement CM-14C will be available in 2023)

8/5/2022 – CRM CZ 02033 – 2G was sold out (replacement 2F)

5/25/2022 – CI-SPL-17 – 35A was sold out 

5/24/2022 – CRM CZ 02033 – 14B was sold out (replacement 14C)

3/28/2022 – CRM CZ 2018A was sold out (replacement CRM-2018B)

12/7/2021 – PT 2022 Proficiency testing programme published (see proficiency testing in webpages)

7/27/2021 – RM SP-7A was sold out (without replacement)

7/16/2021 – RM CM-10A was sold out (replacement CM-10B will be available in 2022)

6/18/2021 – RM CM-16A was sold out (replacement CM-16B will be available in 2022)

5/21/2021 – CRM CZ 02033 – 1E was sold out (replacement 1F)

5/18/2021 – SP-5B, CRM CZ 2024A was sold out (replacement of CZ 2024A will be available soon, replacement of SP-5B till half of 2022)

4/16/2021 – RMs LA-3F and CM-2A was sold out

1/19/2021 – update of catalogue, added new RMs CM-8B, CM-1D, CM-2B, CM-12C, CM-22A

Sold out materials during a last years: 

CRM CZ 2019A, 2020A, 2021A, 2022A (replacements will be available soon)

CRM CZ 02033 – 6A, 7A, 1C, 1G, 2E, 8C (similar replacement has same number 6A – replacement 6B)

for CRM 8C – replacement RM 41A, 38A, 50A, 51A

CRM CZ 20034 – 14A, 15A (similar replacement has same number 14A – replacement 14B, 14C)

RM –   

LA-2D – replacement LA-2E

LA-5B – replacement LA-5C

CM-8A – replacement CM-8B

CM-12A – replacement CM-12C and SST-3A

CM-14B – replacement CM-14A

SP-2B – replacement SP-2C (lower Mn), adequate replacement will be produced in 2021

SP-1A – replacement SP-1B

SP-6A – replacement SST-4A








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