CRM CZ 2019A was sold out (7/7/2020)

RM LA-5B – was sold out (5/20/2020), replacement LA-5C is available

CRM CZ 02033 – 7A was sold out (3/5/2020)

RM SP-2B – was sold out (1/29/2020)

RM SP-6A and CRM CZ 02033 – 6A were sold out (20/6/2019)

9, 10/2018 – solding out of QCM CM-12A, CRM CZ 2020A, CRM CZ 2021A, CZ 20034-14A, CZ 20034-15A

Update of calalogue (20/7/2018) – solding out of LA-2D, LA-3E, new RMs : LA-2E, LA-3F, SP-1B, CM-20A and 13 RMs of solid cast iron CI-SPL-17

QCM  SP-1A was sold out (24/11/2017)       

CRM CZ 02033 – 6A was sold out (25/10/2017)

CRM CZ 02033 – 1C was sold out (12/10/2017)






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