SPL is authorised and regularly audited by the Czech Metrological Institute (CMI) to produce the national CRM, bearing a prefix CZ in their code. The entire course of projecting, candidate materials selection, processing and testing and a final characterisation comply with the ISO Guides 34, 35 and ISO 17025 and it is supervised and approved by the CMI. The certified values as results of the interlaboratory experiment with the international participation are traceable to the adequate references.

Currently available, a „C, S, N combustion line“ of steel and cast iron sets covers together the ranges of C from 0,002 through 4,5%, S from 0,002 through 0,25% and N from 0,004 through 0,013%.

LOW ALLOY STEEL CRM FOR C, S, N in a 250 g packing

CRM CZ 2003 – 8 (valid till 2022), CRM CZ 2025 A, 2026 A (valid till 2022)

*2025 A pure iron powder ( in a 200g packing)
2026 A free-cutting steel

CAST IRON CRM FOR C, S in a 100 g packing

CRM CZ 2015 A – 2024 A (valid till 2022)

CRM SPL CZ 2015B-2024B (certified in Brammer Standard company)



Cast iron for solid sample spectrometry, CRM set 1-8 (valid till 2027)

Intended for calibration, validation and matrix-match verification of cast iron spectrometric analysis from a plane
of solid sample: Atomic Emission Spectrometry with spark, glow-discharge or laser excitation, and X-ray
Fluorescence Spectrometry.

Eight CRM 1–8 represent the most frequent unalloyed and low alloy cast iron types in sequence: unalloyed
ductile iron, Ni-Cu ductile iron, vermicular iron (CGI), pig iron, malleable iron, Mn-Cr-V and Ni-Mo alloyed
iron and plain grey iron.

Supplied in a set or as individual discs 40 mm in diameter and approximately 18 mm of total height, with two
certified layers extending 6 mm upwards from either working surface. The discs are marked on the side by the
CRM code and the certified layers’ limits. When used to both limits, the remainder, which may contain minor
structure defects, should be discarded.

Further non-certified values are: 0.010% As in 4B, 0.008% As in 6B

(valid till 2030)

CRM CZ 20034 – Cast iron for solid sample spectrometry, CRM set 11-17

(valid till 2029)


Further non-certified values : Nb: 0.007% in 11A, 0.008% in 12A, 0.01% in 14B, 0.006% in 16A, 0.03% in 16B, Te: 0.005% in 11A, 0.01% in 11B, 0.006% in 16A, 16B and 0.007% in 16C